Ongoing Maintenance

To free you up for other things, contract us for the ongoing maintenance of your website.

  • Basic Edits – Edit existing page/post content (text/images).

  • Backups & Restore – Incremental, reliable, files + folders, off-site storage and different backup schedules.

  • Support – Debugging, troubleshooting and general issue support.

  • SEO – Configuration refinements, *strategy recommendations
    *Initial configuration & strategy package available separately

  • Clone / Migrate – Clone current website for staging, migrate to new host or clone existing site for testing.

  • Updates – Monitor/update plugins and theme versions to ensure compatibility, security and enhancements.

  • Broken Link Checker – View and fix broken links across your website.

  • Google Analytics – Understand your key metrics with an interactive Data Studio Dashboard.

  • Performance Check – Review page speed scores and recommendations for your site’s optimized performance.

  • Search Central – Learn how your site interacts with Google Search (i.e. site health, device responsiveness, etc).

  • Google Safe Browsing – Scan and be notified of any potential unsafe malicious website attempts.

  • Security – Ongoing monitoring for vulnerabilities and identify solutions for improved security.

Ongoing website maintenance plans ensure the performance of your website, enhance user experience, and ultimately contribute to your online success.

$400.00 / month

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