Street Life Ministries (SLM)


Street Life Ministries is an energetic non-profit that serves meals and provides services to the homeless at three different locations a week. New volunteers and donors are constantly coming into to help, and Exclusive Image built a website to provide an easy way to intake their information and provide various avenues for donation. The homepage also showcases photos and stories from the Street Life Ministries community, and the amazing story of how the founder went from living on the streets to running a successful non-profit.

  • Web
  • Graphic
  • Promo

The Website for Street Life Ministries was built by Exclusive Image and has been redesigned twice to keep up to date with style trends, new technology, and company re-branding.

The rebrand for Street Life Ministries was long anticipated.


Color Palette


Graphic design work has been diverse.

We have done everything from logos to business cards to building signage to postcard for every door direct mailers for Street Life ministries.

Promotional Items have been many and varied for SLM. They are a passionate group and excited to put their brand on lots of SWAG (Stuff We All Get).